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About Byron Conroy 

My diving journey has taken me to many amazing places around the world, however I always found that whenever I returned I had no photo's to remind of the places I had been and the things i had seen. This lead me to take up underwater photography 

Over the past few years I have photographed the underwater world in places such as Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Egypt, Greenland, 
Hawaii and many more. For me underwater photography is one of the most relaxing pastimes you could have, as soon as I am underwater all thoughts of the surface disappear and I can really enjoy the underwater world 

I also enjoy land based photography, especially night time city work and Northern lights photography 

In addition to the photography I am also a PADI MSDT instructor and run a dive expedition based company called Magmadive. Magmadive is based in Iceland and specialises in multi day dive expeditions all around Iceland (

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